Young boy asks doctors to let him die to save his dying mother

There will come a time that we will have no choice but to let go of something or someone we love. Whether it is a relationship break up or even worst, a loved ones death, it can really crash someone’s heart as if it is being squeezed tightly.

Now, a video posted by the YouTube Channel New China TV features a heartbreaking story of a dying 7-year old Chinese boy suffering from brain cancer has touched a lot of netizens online who had his final wish carried out by doctors to donate a kidney to his mother.

It is said that the boy was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor when he was five and a half years old. He lost vision in both eyes at the beginning of this year when the tumor pressed against his optic nerve.

For a 7-year old boy, Chen Xiaotian’s dying wish was really touching and matured for his age. Instead of wishing for things like toys and whatnot, Chen took a different route and wishes for his mom to be saved by having a kidney transplant.

Hours after his death, his wish to have his mother have a kidney transplant was completed at Jingzhou City’s Tongji Hospital and the doctor said that the operation went smoothly and the boy’s mother will likely make a full recovery from renal failure.

Chen’s grandmother was the first to propose a kidney transplant between mother and son. The boy’s mother strongly rejected the idea at first. However, Chen insisted on saving his mother’s life.

See Chen’s story below.