Yaya gets instant karma for slapping and physically abusing a kid

This story angered the netizens as a brutal yaya slaps a young child straight in the face after the young child had been left in her care and custody.

According to the news article by Daily Mail UK, the exasperated parents hired a yaya named Nadia Shapoval to look and care for their son, but became much worried when they saw some bruises on their beloved son’s body.

The worried parents secretly installed hidden cameras in their home located in Istanbul, Turkey last six months ago. They rewind the said footage showing the brutal yaya stuffing the child into his high chair before slapping him across the face.

Before the family saw the footage, they had already fired the brutal yaya because of some issues with regarding her behavior and conduct with regards to work. When the parents saw her in the hidden cameras that she had also physically abused their beloved son, the parents decided to file a formal complaint against the brutal yaya on the authorities, though they did not know where she can be found. The said yaya was tracked down in Marmaris, south-western part of Turkey, driving nearly 450 miles where he found her walking the streets alone.

And also according to the said report, the yaya have broken down and cried before being brought to Sehit Nedip Eker Police Station, where she refused to give any comments regarding her stand on the case against her. Police did not report what she had been charged with but said she would come before a court in due course.

We must always bear in mind to be extra cautious in trusting someone, most especially if it involves the safety of our children and loved ones.

Here’s the actual video: