Wow! Anne Curtis meets her ultimate crush in Hong Kong.

Seems that every girl fans out there are going nuts with this guy behind the latest Korean drama series Goblin also known as Guardian: The Lonely and Great God. Well, we’re talking about Gong Yoo who’s reveling in a whole new surge of popularity due to the success of this drama he starred on. His charisma woos Filipino fans again and again.  And that includes even the famous celebrities in the country like Anne Curtis.

Filipino-Australian film actress, television star, and recording artist and host Anne Curtis has as much trouble resisting Gong Yoo’s charms as the rest of us. She’s well-known for her hosting abilities on I love OPM, a music reality television show conceptually similar to K-Pop Star in South Korea, as well for her philanthropy with UNICEF.

What’s more surprising about her is her undying love for Gong Yoo whom she fell head-over-heels for after watching his smash-hit drama Goblin. She went so far as to fly all the way to meeting him in Hong Kong and fangirl over him in person. And recently flooded her IG and twitter with photos and edits of Gong Yoo related contents. It’s like she made every girl fan dream of seeing the actor in person materialized.

Just like any other ordinary fan, she’s loudly expressive,  obviously head over heels for the Korean actor.

The fact that Anne is pining over Gong Yoo only shows that nobody is immortal to his magnetic attraction.

She even posted her media pass signed by Gong Yoo, making his fans jealous everywhere:

And took her support for Gong Yoo to a whole new level by photoshopping herself with him. (So naughty of her!)

If you think that’s too much of a fan, wait! Cause she even  learned to write “Anne Curtis loves Gong Yoo” in Korean, with the help of Ryan Bang!

Who could forget those iconic rain scenes in Goblin anyway,? like Anne I bet nobody could.

Even though Anne is currently engaged to a long-time boyfriend Erwan Heussaff, she couldn’t resist seeing her celebrity crush–a dream come true indeed!

Glad that Anne updated you with her whereabouts of Gong Yoo? She’s got some more below!

Here’s a bonus pack from Anne’s documentation of her meeting with the Goblin hearthrob. 🙂

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