Woman undressed at the Mall after she bumped on her ex-husband who claimed he bought her clothes

Meeting your ex, whether in public or private, seems awkward and bring discomfort especially when you have feelings for him or her still. “The best revenge on your ex’s is to improve yourself, looking beautiful or handsome than before, making him or her regret.” But worst happen to a woman that came across with her ex-husband at the mall and started to strip her clothes off because he claimed he bought her clothes.

Some are hoping to reconcile with their ex’s, hoping for a second chance and some are not. Bumping with an ex leave a feeling of nostalgia, flashback memories and some, the pain.

In the Mall in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province, concern citizens testify that a man going up to a woman in black, slap her face and nag, “The phone you’re carrying, those clothes you’re wearing, I bought all of that for you!”

Because of woman’s anger, he responded to her husband by stripping off her clothes and immediately gave it to him. Footage says that she wears-off her top, pants and then underwear. Some were dumbfounded on what they witness.

The video shows that at some point, the ex-husband tried to stop the woman by removing her bra but failed to do so. The woman went into the elevator totally bare. What a shocking video.

H/T: Viral 4 Real