Woman awkwardly rubs lettuce on her legs and neck after allegedly screaming rape and abuse

Mistress plight against legal wife are some of the most rampant scandalous episodes happened in the marketplaces but seldom do we see someone handpicks vegetables to create her own shameful scene.

Scene-stealing video of a woman laying on top of the vegetables display and seem comfortably bathing in it alarms the supermarket.

Bizarre video shows a woman laying horizontally in produce at a Kroger supermarket in Stone Mountain, Georgia

The unknown woman grabs lettuce and rubs it on her legs and neck while moaning what seems like words of confession.

“I was about to steal, I’m starving a**b****”, she utters while continuously rubbing a piece of the vegetable. “And I’m black as hell. and my baby is black.” she adds.

A Loss Prevention officer at the supermarket is seen in the video confronting the woman, trying to get her out of the wrongful act but the woman remains resting on the greens.

A Loss Prevention officer tries to awkwardly get the woman down

After a useless insistence, the officer gives up and was left dumbfounded as anyone else who are witnessing the bizarre scenario.

She's heard saying 'I was about to steal. I'm a starving a** b****'

In the preceding event, the woman was said to have slapped two random people for no apparent reason and has caused more tension when she started screaming ‘rape and abuse’ and then dashed and jumped into the fresh produce.

‘Commenters’ on the footage insist that drugs must have taken the woman to display such rude behavior.

Source: Dailymail