Woah! Doctors implanted two of her 13-year-old frozen eggs for her to bear a child

Cancer – the disease caused by an uncontrolled division of abnormal cells in a part of the body. Cancer can start almost anywhere inside the human body because it is made up of trillions of cells.

Normally, the cells in our body grow and divide to form new cells because it is what out body needs in order to perform its functions. However, when cancer develops, this process breaks down and the cell regeneration becomes abnormal.

A woman in UK was diagnosed with cancer when she was just 15 years old. Because of this, she never even dreamed that she could give birth to a child.

“I was very, very unwell at the time so I didn’t really much think about anything – it wasn’t even on my radar about children because I was a child myself,” said Alannah Roberts, now 30. Roberts beat Lymphoma (cancer of the Blood), but it returned when she was just 17 years old.

Roberts was very focused on her fight to survive the deadly disease when her sister convinced her that she should freeze some of her eggs since there was a chance that the cancer could cause infertility.

“I was so ill, my parents were concentrating on making me better, so it wasn’t on their radar, but my sister who is in her early 20s wondered if it would affect my being able to reproduce.”

Now, she’s very grateful that she made that decision because the cancer returned when she was 22 years old and she had to undergo full-body radiation, which would potentially destroy any chance of conceiving naturally.

In January 2007, Alannah miraculously won over Cancer for the third time. When she decided to start a family with her husband, Andy, they experienced a bigger miracle. Alannah’s seven eggs were taken out of the Freezer and two of which were implanted.

“It’s a miracle we didn’t lose any after thawing. There are so many ways of losing eggs – they can die after a day. We had five eggs survive, then three weren’t of good quality. The final two were good, not excellent, so we had both implanted,” Alannah said.

Amazingly, Alannah got pregnant from one of the two implanted eggs and gave birth to a baby girl and named her, Faith. This happened in October – more than 13 years after her eggs have been frozen. Because of this, Faith is considered the “Oldest” frozen egg baby in the world.