Wife messaged funeral parlor to cremate her husband’s mistress and the reply was hilarious!

News articles and videos in the internet of furious wives having caught their cheating husbands  messing up with their mistresses seem too catchy to have one’s attention on, especially these days. But this wife’s way in getting rid of the other woman is uniquely hilarious that you can really say it’s a way too different for a wife’s revenge.

Driven by her rage, she messaged St. Peter Funeral Service instead of confronting the mistress which usually being done by a cheated wife. Such message urges St. Peter to have her husband’s concubine cremated but did not get an immediate reply so she sent another one, demanding for a quick response. Otherwise, if they fail to grant her request, she will have the funeral service staff included in the casket.

She did get the reply on her second attempt. The funeral service said sorry for not being able to respond quickly. Without adding color as to whether the sender was just making fun or not, St. Peter Funeral Service tried to address the woman’s concern with all fairness, or maybe with an implied humor too?

The funeral service added that it’s possible to have her wish granted only if she  will deliver the mistress’ body dead already as it would be costly to if they’re going to cremate her alive.

And that ends the conversation, too short but still apparently giving dose of laughter to readers!

The funny post was taken from the timeline of DJ Chacha (Ang Nag-iisang Dyosa sa Balat ng Radyo) which was shared by 19, 084 facebook users.

Source: Kickerdaily News, The News Journal