VIRAL: 90% can’t find the snake in this picture, can you?

A lot of online games are being launched every now and then, and if you’re one of the fan, you’ll always be up on installing at least one. So far, the last online game that has taken over millions of gamers worldwide is the famous Pokemon Go.  It took quite long before this has came to a halt.

Not far from  playing Pokemon Go, where you walk around the streets of whatever city or town you live in to spot catch pokemons, there’s this latest ‘spotting game‘ that drags people crazy.

This sort of game simply asks you to spot a photograph of a snake hiding on a heap of leaves. Sounds easy right? But why does it seem so hard for others to find it?

It’s because the snake in the picture is a copperhead and it looks like this, camouflaging on dead leaves. So you know now why it’s a struggle to everyone’s eye.

Probably want a try?

Ooops! Before scrolling  further, go back to the first picture and let’s see if you have a better visual coordination, spot it NOW . Go!


Did you see it right below? If yes, you’ve got a great vision! Congrats!

Now challenge your friends if they are as keen as you!