Video of a girl being abused by drinking buddies goes viral

We all know it’s fun to hang out with some our closest friends. Whether it’s going on a roadtrip, having a sleepover or having yourself a little drink, a time with your friends is always a blast, or is it?

A set of video posted by a Facebook user named Tou Hero shows a girl having a zip with a bunch of her guy friends is now garnering many attention online. However, if you think that the videos in the post were taken to record all the good times they are spending together as a group, you might notice something odd which will leave you in shock.

In one of the videos, you can see two guys trying to force the girl to drink up a glass of alcohol beverage for some reason and as the video rolls on, you can see them slowly molest the girl by trying to take off the girls clothes and do something sexual.


It didn’t stop there though, for in another video the men involved are now forcing their way to touch the woman’s private parts as if was just nothing while singing along with the song playing on the background.

You can hear the girl yell and can tell that she doesn’t want to be sexually abused by these guys, but unfortunately she is too weak to fight back and defend herself from the perverted men.


Many netizens were furious after witnessing this disgusting display and wishes for the men to be pressed with charges, but there are also some who judged the woman and pointed out that it was her own fault that she is being sexually abused by her so-called buddies and nothing to blame but herself.

As of this writing, the post has gone viral and has already garnered 31,478 shares and a total of 6 million views on Facebook.