Ungrateful Son Cursed His OFW Mother On Facebook! His Reason Will Definitely Make You Mad!

Our beloved OFWs or Overseas Filipino Workers are considered as our country’s modern day heroes. They are suffering the feeling of leaving their families at home just to earn enough money for their future.

But, this viral story of how an ‘ungrateful’ son chatted with his mother on Facebook who is in abroad have made the netizens angry–most especially for cursing his mother who became unable to send him the money that he wanted.

According to the online article published by Trending News Portal, the ‘ungrateful’ son got a private message from his mother telling him, “Kuya nasan ka?” The son replied that he was just in their house. Then, the mother replied that he should eventually wait for her “remittance” because it may take some time.

It is also mentioned that the mother couldn’t easily send the money to her son because according to her, her own employer ‘declined’ to release her salary. The son then replied her that he was already in the “shop.” The mother replied that even though she wanted to send money to her son, she cannot do so because there was no one else in the place she was in.

The mother also claimed that she was not allowed to leave their premises but the argument became heated when the son couldn’t accept her reasons–resulting to this shocking incident.

It could be seen in the screenshots of the post that the ungrateful son was demanding his mother that he really wanted/needed the money as soon as possible. It also appears that he didn’t understand the situation his mother was in. The mother attempted to explain again.

She again mentioned that she wasn’t allowed to ‘leave’ (could mean that her employers are not allowing her to just leave without prior permission) as the reason to why she couldn’t able to send the money to her son.

And then proceeded to call his mother “t*ngnamo. wag kana sakin magpadala hayop k”

See the whole conversation below and analyze it:

We know all the sacrifices, hardships and challenges that every mother in this wretched world is all facing. They sometimes skip meals, doesn’t buy their medicines, and suffer the harshest conditions of their workplaces, just to send us to schools and have a great future. What more the mothers who are in other countries, facing other people and living an environment that are very unfamiliar to them? Do they deserve all of these acts?

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