Women Should Wear This Condom To Protect Themselves From Rapists!

It’s an alarming statistics that everyday there are thousands of women being raped around the world, like for instance South Africa having 500, 0000 recorded rape cases per year, less the uncounted cases so the actual number is probably much higher.

The physical suffering of the assault can be so grave that it can ruin the victims’ life. Aside from the physical pain it incurs, it can leave the women pregnant and the emotional torture will then be forever.

Good thing to know that there’s someone working on to combat this problem.

Sonnette Ehlers lives in South Africa and works with rape victims. Upon seeing how evil the problem was in her country, she knows something has to be done, so she came up with a very unique invention coined as “Rape Axe.” This thing is taken from a special condom for women called a “femidom ” and was modified  into weapon that will help women retaliate against rapists. Rape Axe is filled with sharp plastic hooks inside that penetrate into the penis whenever it enters the vagina.

This Special condom is guaranteed to stop rapists before they can fully suffice their evil lust and while they are agonizing in pain, the poor victims have a chance to escape.

Let say the perpetrators have been inflicted by the hooks, he cannot get rid of it right away because hooks can only be removed surgically so that means, he has to be rushed to a hospital and might stay there for some time, and while he’s there, chance is, he will be apprehended by the police before he recovers.

The Rape Axe isn’t just a pain inflictor though. It is as well a functional condom that will also protect women against pregnancy and STD’s–sort of a ‘3 n 1’ product made for a very helpful purpose. It can be worn up to 24 hours at a time and is easy to insert as a tampon.

Tests were made about this product and it shows that the wearer runs no risk of injury from the device.

Apparently, the project is still under development stage as large amount needs to be accumulated before this Rape Axe can be mass produced and made available to the international market. Meanwhile, everyone especially women, have to be extra careful against sexual assault, always and all the time.

Photo Credits: Rape Axe, Sumut Top News / Source: Hefty.co