This man was selling lamps on the street then a helpful fellow approached him, what happened next is such a wonderful story worth sharing.

While others enjoy the perks of having to live a well-off life, many were stuck in the dungeons of poverty that even the basics of life seem so impossible for them to afford. We’re talking about our unfortunate fellows we often see in streets, begging for food, homeless, in shabby clothes—deprived of almost everything we have. Indeed, they have a hard life to live and seem to be trapped to it because nobody cares. Not even those who can afford to look back and share. This is a social predicament we all aware of cause it’s so obvious yet hardly been noticed because again, nobody chooses to make a difference.

But thank heaven, there still left a few whose heart full of compassion continue to shed light of hope to the needy. Josh Matienzo became an angel in disguise of a human when he did not only noticed this unfortunate fellow named Carlo Pelaez but tried to understand where he was coming from and soon comprehended all his struggles, during their encounter.

In his facebook, Josh shared this lamp vendor pitiful story. He reveals that Carlo Pelaez is a native of Dalahican who sells gas lamps right beside a Chowking restaurant branch in Lucena City since his father had unfortunately abandoned him and his disabled mother long time ago.

While each lamp costs around P35.00, he only gets a commission of his earnings of P5.00 per lamp sold.  He does this every night as his only source of living he knew to buy food for both of them. Though on better days, he can sell about P175 worth of lamps sold which means he can bring home the percentage earnings of around P25. Understandably, this can’t buy a decent meal.

Matienzo felt for Mr. Pelaez and his whole story so he bought him take out food at Chowking. Pelaez accepted the offer but refused to eat the food because he would rather bring it home for her mother. Matienzo understood the lamp seller’s deep concern over his mother so he gave him a deal– he’d buy food for both Pelaez and his mother if he would dine with him in the restaurant, and gladly, he accepted.

Apparently, this was the very first moment Pelaez has ever tasted Chowking food in his entire existence. After the good talk, the kind netizen then sent the lamp seller home so he could rest for the rest of the day.

The netizen also said in humility that he gave Pelaez P1, 000.00 and taught him to invest the money in becoming a better salesman.

In his post, Matienzo encourages everyone especially his friends from Lucena City, Quezon as well as his facebook friends and classmates from Carlito Balita Review Center to help this poor lamp seller in any way possible.

Here’s Matienzo’s full post in facebook.

Indeed, Matienzo made a difference by not only able to notice his fellow’s predicament, but he became an instrument of hope. He showed the world that we can always help no matter how little we have, at the same time, we can choose not to, despite or capability. Anyway, God blesses a cheerful giver. This is another inspiring story worth sharing for humanity’s sake.

Source: Trending News Portal, Facebook