This is why your underwear has that little “pocket” in the crotch

We see a lot of objects everyday that seems to be so ordinary to pay attention to. Some are even on our hands every tick of the clock and others are just around the corner waiting to be noticed. Like perhaps, the signs on the cosmetics or a tiny pocket on our “undies”.

But when you learn intriguing secrets that lies within these commonplace items, you’ll be astonished at why they were made that way and how they’re supposed to be used. Here’s the 10 things that will reveal the secrets in them.

1. The “Pocket” in your panties

The inner part of women’s undergarment is supposed to be made of extra soft material–that one in the middle-most part. While the sides are sewed on, the front and back are left open so it looks like a pocket. That midpart then serves to ease the uncomfortable feeling brought about by the extra seam right at that particular spot!So if you feel a bit uncomfy, check if you don’t have this pocket on your undy.

2. Signs on cosmetics

Cosmetic stuff especially make-up items are ubiquitous in every woman’s ‘vanity kit.’They are there ready for a lift everytime thier boss needs a ‘retouch’. But perhaps girls might have not noticed the sign on a cometic container: a tiny picture of a jar with an open lid, next to a number with and the letter M. the M stands for months and the number indicates how many months should the contents be used after opening. In layman’s term, it’s the expiration date. So after you open that pretty thing, start counting how long it’ll last to make you stay beautiful.

3. The switch on your rearview mirror

The interior rearview mirror is dimmable to protect the driver from getting momentarily blinded by the reflection of someone’s bright lights behind. Admit it, those people who leave their brights on are not just annoying but jerks!But thanks to that switch that can shift the mirror into anti-glare mode  simply because you can just let the moment pass without being completely pissed of!

4. The number on the ketchup bottle

There are ketchup you need to pound on the bottom so hard before it pours out of the container. But according to the manufacturer, instead of pounding the bottle, you use the side of your hands or fingers to tap against the numbers printed on the glass.

5. A hole in the lollipop stem


Many lollipop sticks have a tiny hole on the side. This helps make the candy fixed to the stem. During the production, the liquid candy mass doesn’t just like ball around the stem but it fills up the hole as well, making it stick better to in the stem so it can have a stable stay on it.

6. The little hole in your smart phone

You might wonder what that hole between the camera and flash do in your phone. Well, its no less than a microphone! It’s there to improve the quality of sound recording and it betters the voice recognition. At least, it has its own purpose of existence, not just a mere useless accessories you might be thinking before.

7. Hats with pompoms

Probably hats with pompoms is phased out of fashion these days, unless you’ll be needing it purposively. It’s actually weren’t made out additional design, it’s intentionally crafted for a particular function. In the 18th century, French sailors wore hats with “bobbles” to protect their heads in case they bump their heads on the low ceiling below the deck. No wonder you can see in some ancient documentaries seafares oddly wearing that pudding up there. It’s actually a protection agaings banging up.

8. Box cutters

Here’s how to keep your cutter last longer. You need remove the box cutter’s blade from time to time. To remove the cutter’s blade easily and safely, you need first take off the plastic cup at the far end of the knife and use it to break the off the tip of the blade –right along the line the manufacturer made for this purpose. That way you can use it much longer by just refereshing the blade as needed.

9. The patch on your backpack

If your backpack has this leather patch on it, this is for you. For ordinary days, this just serves as aesthetic accessory but if you’ll go on hiking, this is so much useful. It’s there so you can hang or hook things on your bag and pick it right away when you need it. No wasted time prying inside your bag with this nifty creation.

10. Creases

Did you know that creases in trousers came into being by mere accident only? In 19th century, pants started to be folded and pressed tightly together so a mass transport of such fabrics into container ship could be made possible. It’s just that the resulting crease were seem impossible to eliminate later so it soon became a trendy feature and is still on our pants today.

If you want a more visual explanation, here’s a video. Enjoy! 🙂