These most common symbols you often see in your dreams actually send important messages to your life. #9 hits me right!

Dreams are basically stories and images our mind creates while we sleep. Even if sometimes we don’t remember them the following day–we all dream. But the most vivid dreams occur during deep sleep, REM (rapid eye movement) sleep when our brain is in its most active state.

Dreams can be entertaining, disturbing or downright strange, I guess you experience one; we dream at least 4 to 6 times per night, amazing right?  But why do we dream? And what do these dreams mean anyway?

There are many theories that explain why we actually dream and here are few of the most common dreams we do experience while we’re asleep and their significant meanings associated to our lives:


This dream is a “red flag from your subconscious. ” It significantly tells about the major problems you are apparently having at work, might also be your present troubles in your relationship, or elsewhere that needs to be taken urgent actions, otherwise, you’ll get stuck thinking over these unsolved matters.

2. Teeth falling out

Experts have divided theories on this symbol. Wallace views teeth as a symbol of power and confidence. Thus, falling of teeth is a  hint that something happened i the dreamer’s life that has stolen away his confidence. On the other hand, this phenomenon in your dream signals that something bad is about to happen, with great probability of being into a break up scenario soon as this dream is also related to broken relationship. For women, common perception of this believes to have connection with one’s wish fulfillment—when they want to become pregnant. For men, it’s a longing for sexual pleasure.

3. Showing up to work or school naked

This sounds just funny unless, this happens in real life. Experts unanimously agree that this dream pertains to vulnerability and anxiety. As Wallace claim, this dream typically happens to people who have accepted a call for promotion, embark on a new workplace, or who are coming out for public exposure–all of which makes one vulnerable to judgement and fear of criticism, the ideas that fits  to you’re picture of being naked.

4. Test-taking

I bet both genius and “nearly genius” have at least dreamt about it all at once. 🙂 Lawrence claims that perfectionists have the tendency to dream about taking a test in a stressful manner. She believes this dream reminds a person to stay active and alert while under pressure. For adults however, this could go between school and job, as pressure and stress may arise in both places.

5. Dying

This dream signals the dreamer to put and end to something in life: a relationship, a job, a career path, or even a connection from the past, so one could embark on a new endeavor or a fresh start. After all, it’s more of a ‘message alert’ than a nightmare like we think it is.

6. Meeting a celebrity

The dominant talent that the celebrity has in the dream may reveal the same talent the dreamer values. As celebrities are symbol of a personal need or recognition, the dream signifies that the dreamer has first to recognize and make use of that talent before this will come into recognition by other people.

7. Being chased

It’s probably one of the dreams that gets you off your nerves. But in spite of its seemingly nightmare notion, experts believe this dream is suppose to motivate the dreamer to finally face a problem that’s bothering him or her all the while. It is  also said that women dream of this more frequent than men, maybe because women tend to worry or think a lot about something?

8. Partner is cheating

Despite the nightmarish feel of this dream, there’s nothing much to worry about. According to experts, a dream on cheating happens when your other half is spending  a lot of time and attention to something that does not include you. Hence, the feeling of isolation and neglect from a partner sparks  one to dream on being cheated.

9. Showing up late to something

When you dream about being late to an event, a party, a meeting, a date and the like, that means you have to damp your tardy attitude away. Because this lateness in your dream warns you to not make promises that you can’t keep (in case you have done a lot, this is really meant for you. )

10. Flying

One of the best dreams perhaps a dreamer has experienced is ‘having wings to fly’. However this dream is not associated to any feeling of elation for success but is a sign of losing control to any life’s crucial situation. Additionally, it signals the dreamer to free himself from the current issues that kept on troubling him, and allow things to fall naturally into place, instead.

11. Being pregnant

It represents a new idea that suddenly popped up or it simply tells you to start a creative project. It may also be an answered prayer–if ever the dreamer wish to have a baby after years of waiting, as there is probability of becoming a parent.

12. Driving an out-of-control- vehicle

This dream has two interpretations. One may represents an insecure feeling of not having control over one’s venture towards success and  the other is  sign that a present undesirable practices may become a long term problem, if taken for granted.

Source: Mental Floss