Teenager stabs his mother before cutting his manhood

16-year-old boy chopped off his own organ and almost slaughtered her mother to death when he was high on skunk.

Skunk is a cross breed of Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica. Sativa is the more traditionally smoked outdoor-grown variety while indica is a shorter, bushier variety.

The teenager from Brighton has gone to bed with a knife because of fear that people lived in his walls.

He woke up in the middle of his night’ slumber and stabbed his very own mother before cutting his won private in a psychotic episode brought on by the strong effects of cannabis.

His father, referred to an initial Nick shared about the incident to raise awareness of the dangers of this particular drug on BBC Live.

He told Emma Barnett that his son had been a ‘bright, witty, rugby-playing lad’ before he started taking drugs at aged 16.

‘He became paranoid. He switched from a very bright, bubbly lad to what I can only describe as a waste of space, ‘ said Nick.

He started out on normal cannabis but was switched to this skunk product. He used to store it for dealers and that’s how it was introduced.’

His son has talked to him about the difference between the normal cannabis and the skunk which he used lately, saying that he found the normal cannabis had ‘no impact whatsoever.’

‘He became delusional. He used to sleep with a tennis racket in his bed because he thought people were living in the wall. I remember one instance when he was telling us all that mermaids do exist.

‘At one point he was sleeping in the garden shed because he’d been thrown out of the house, and it was very difficult to have any relationship with him.’

On the night of the incident, he woke up ‘ranting and raving’ and attacked his mother at her home before turning the knife on himself.

The boy’s mother has fully recovered from such a nightmarish incident.

Nick further said: ‘It was absolutely devastating. You can’t imagine anything of that nature happening. The whole episode was surreal. ¬†Looking back, it’s almost as if I was peering in through a window and it’s happening to someone else.’

He said his son cannot recall the incident, and has spent time in prison and in a psychiatric unit.

He has undergone several operations to reattach his private, which have been successful, but he will need further surgery.

‘Medical science moves on great deal. He’ll be seeing a very top specialist in that particular area.’

‘He’s drug and alcohol free. He’s actually in really good form. He’s got his wit back. He’s the first to have a bit of black comedy as far as this story is concerned. I feel like I’ve got my son back.’

Fortunately for the young man, he has surpassed the horrors of being into drugs once in his life, surely he is now experienced enough to manage his life at no stake of giving in with his curiosity and engage in risky activity that has dragged him down the pitfalls.

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