Taiwanese man finally discovers why his GF never lets him in her room; then they broke up

If you are in a relationship, it takes time to get to know your boyfriend or girlfriend’s habits, likes and insecurities. in order for the relationship to work, one must be able to open and share a part of his or her lifestyle for the other one to adjust and for them to meet at a common point and bring about harmony in their relationship.

We often hear of love stories gone wrong because of incompatibilities of partners to be and you are about to read another one.

A Taiwanese man who never had a chance to get into her girlfriend’s bedroom despite dating her for three years finally does so, then they broke up.

A story on The Star said the man narrated on Facebook that he was never able to step inside his girlfriend’s room.

They have been in a relationship for three long years but he could not understand why he was never allowed to go into her room. She even threatened him that should he try to enter her room, she will end their relationship.

“I could only stay in the living room and watch TV whenever I visited her and her mother,” he said.

Just recently, the odds have been in his favor when the mother of his girlfriend asked him to bring some clothes inside while his girlfriend was taking a shower.

It was then that he found out what was behind the door to his girlfriend’s room.

Soiled underwear and sanitary pads were strewn all over. Her bed was unmade and disorganized. Clothes of all kinds (including dresses and pants) were scattered on the floor, leaving very little space for anyone to move about.

“I could not stand staying in the room any longer,” he said, adding that he fled right away.

He also said that his girlfriend broke their relationship later.

Some netizens commented that it was his former girlfriend’s mom who “saved” him from a possibly disorganized wife.