The reason why Matmat is being feared in the Q and A, and this what makes “her” the pride of the LGBT community.

A lot of pageants for third sex has been spiraling throughout time and place that shows society’s openness and diversity towards gender. And the quest for glamour and elegance among contenders has gone beyond looks. To attest, Showtime’s Miss Q and A segment highlights contestants’ intelligence more than beauty of the face. Thus, the major basis for winning here, is the art, confidence, and impact on how the contestants answer the given question. This so called pageant that does not limit for the two conventional and biological sexes, also gives off break to all those who dreams to be beauty queens regardless of their physical attributes.

Being the 2nd to be hailed in Miss Q and A Hall of Fame, Matrica Mae Matmat Centino wins Miss Q and A crown for the tenth time and qualifies for the pageant’s grand finals. She gives an impressive performance especially in the question and answer portion which helps her to always clinches the crown. ¬†As she advances in the final round of the competition, many supporters and fans are awaiting for more surprising words of wisdom which she often injects in her wit and speed of answering questions.

This is definitely not the first time Matmat has showcased her brilliance on stage as she has been into joining numerous competitions. And the very thing that makes her popular among the LGBT community and the rest of the people who witness her in the pageantry is her quick and unique way of answering questions that tackle diverse and significant issues in the society.

Witness how quick-witted she is in the Q and A, below: