Pregnant woman jumps off to her death after being denied to deliver in c-section

A 26-year-old Ma, a pregnant woman in China, committed suicide after her family refuses her to have a caesarian section. Prior to that tragic incident, Ma was on her knees begging her family to have a C-section surgery.

Earlier reports said that Ma’s family didn’t allow her to have the surgery and after that, Ma committed suicide, jumping from the 20th floor of the hospital where she is admitted, that causes her death last September 4, 2017.

Her husband later argued about the speculation and said that the hospital is the one responsible, refuses to have the surgery.

The Doctors said that they actually advise Ma to have surgery because natural delivery seemed so dangerous for her.

Some footage shows that Ma was walking back in front, distress.

Chinese media reports said that Ma was admitted to Yulin 1 Hospital on August 20, 2017.

Doctors attended Ma reported that natural delivery would be risky to her health due to fetus’ large head circumference. Prior to the surgery, the family should give consent before the surgery is conducted as part of the Chinese Law.

The Hospital responded to Ma’s husband accusation in Weibo (Social Media Site) and released a statement saying: “She left the room many times due to irritability and asked for a C-section, however, the recommendations were rejected by their families.” Maternal pain is unbearable for Ma that causes her to become emotionally unstable and distress.

The Ma told the staff she couldn’t bear the pain, she immediately jumped off from the 20th floor.

The Hospital showed the contract where Ma and her husband signed agreeing to have a natural delivery despite the risks she might suffer. The case has been investigated.

Ma’s husband said: “She was in such pain that I couldn’t hold her up for much longer. She said she needed a C-section.” He spoke to the reporter and claimed that the doctors attended Ma denied to give her the surgery at the last minute.

The doctor that attended Ma’s treatment was suspended according to iFeng.