He pours some mouthwash in his toes and even medical practitioners were amazed by the results!

We are always fond of using mouthwash to have a fresher and refreshing breath. But did you guys know the fact that mouthwash can also be of other help? According to Hefty Site, when Listerine was invented in 1879, it was used as an ‘antiseptic’ and was only used as a tool for fresher breath in early years of 1970 up to the present times.

Listerine, 9/2014,  by Mike Mozart of TheToyChannel and JeepersMedia on YouTube #Listerine

Here are some of the surprising benefits of mouthwash other than making our breath smells nice:

It eliminates foul body odor

Have you forgotten to apply your daily deodorant? Worry no more! Just pour a little amount of Listerine or any available mouthwash onto a cotton swab and apply it to your underarm. And after doing it, you can do your everyday work without any doubt of having foul odor.

It may also be used as an antiseptic or disinfectant

As we mentioned earlier, mouthwash has also other good and essential benefits rather than our mouth’s health. It may also be used in cleaning our homes and making it more bacteria-free. If you apply some mouthwash into your toilet bowl, it may looks like you’re just wasting it but in fact you can clean your comfort room under this method. And it also gives a fresher, nicer, and better odor and atmosphere to your bathroom. The presence of fungi and other forms of bacteria will all be lessened and eliminated.

It can also relieve mosquito bites

If you ever experienced being stung by a mosquito or other small insect bites, mouthwash may also relieve you from the itchy and uncomfortable feeling. This will stop you from scratching yourself too much and will also sterilize the affected area.


It may also prevent you from having dandruffs

What’s amazing and surprising here is that mouthwash was also proven to eliminate the presence of dandruff in your hair. All you need is to just add a little amount to your scalp and rinse thoroughly.

It helps your skin from getting pimples

Do you have skin problems like pimples and others? You may also utilize mouthwash to free your skin of pimples and blackheads. Add a little amount of it to a cotton swab and slowly apply it to your skin or to the affected area. You may now regain back your confidence that was lost due to these skin problems.

It helps decrease the presence and even eliminate nail fungus

Mouthwash is proven to be of great use against nail fungus. All you need is to get a bowl or other open container and fill it with mouthwash. Bathe your foot with it for about 30 minutes. And voila, the mouthwash will eliminate the fungus and other infectious bacteria!

It may be used for cleaning your toothbrush

We all know that our toothbrushes are placed in a moist environment such as our bathroom. Under this circumstance, it can be very easy for bacteria to grown and multiply on its bristles. Just fill up a glass with mouthwash and dip your toothbrush in it overnight. All bacteria present will now be killed and destroyed!

It can also be used to clean your screen monitor and keyboard

It is somewhat ‘controversial’ to clean your monitors and keyboards using mouthwash but it is already proven and tested to eliminate any oily films that forms on your screen and keyboard. Lightly soak a paper tissue of wet wipes into a mouthwash and then gently apply it on your computer surfaces. This is a very good hack if you are also sharing other office equipment with other mates as it will deprive the spread of germs and viruses.

Do you find it controversial? Try it first and see your own results and be amazed! Share it now with your family and friends!
Source: hefty.co