Newborn tragically dies after doctors quarreled for 30 minutes inside OR

A baby is considered a blessing to newlyweds. Having a baby completes the family and provides immeasurable happiness to the parents.

Parents, most especially the ones who will be having a baby for the first time cannot contain their excitement from the moment they discover the wife is pregnant up to the moment when she will finally welcome her child to the world.

This is why newborns are most adored by their parent. But, how will the parents react if the baby they have been craving to see dies a few minutes after he is born?

In a certain hospital in India, a newborn tragically died after the doctors quarreled for 30 minutes inside an operating room while a pregnant woman in labor lies in the operating table.

The incident was captured in a cellphone video and has sparked anger among Netizens from all over the world and from fellow medical practitioners of the doctors on the video.

According to Metro UK, a fight broke out between gynecologists Dr. Ashok Neniwal and Dr. ML Tak at the Umaid hospital in Jodhur, Rajasthan in India last Wednesday, August 30.

The pregnant mother was rushed to the hospital due to complications during labor. While the operation is going on, the doctors got into a dispute on who should operate on the patient.

Their quarrel was filmed by a concerned medic who was also present at the OR.

Speaking in Hindi, one of the doctors can be heard saying, “behave yourself, behave yourself” while the other responded with insults.

Baby dies after doctors argue during Caesarian section

Dr. Neniwal then threatened Dr. Tak by saying, ‘you should stay within your limits’, while Dr. Tak responded, ‘you will pay for this’.

The innocent baby died from ‘severe birth asphyxia’ during the Ceasarian Section Operation.

Baby dies after doctors argue during Caesarian section

In a separate interview, Dr. Neniwal said, “The video shows the patient of another doctor, while my patient and her baby was in good health. The other doctors who were abusing me and laughing at my expense were not attending to their patient well, who died at the end.”

The two doctors have been suspended after the incident, after the clip went viral. The Rajasthan health minister has promised that an inquiry committee has been set up and those who will be proven guilty will be punished.

Watch the video below: