Mum who didn’t give up her disabled son, raised him well and now a Harvard Law student

Raising a child for a single mom is never easy. It takes all the sweats and stress having no paternal presence in the midst of difficult circumstances, undermining the excruciating pains one has underwent in delivering a baby.

But a particular chinese mom was one of those who proved that no challenge can deter her to become a full-fledged mother even without having a husband to rely on. Her endurance and strong personality made her surpassed trials life has bid her out of having a “special child.”

Zuo Hongyan was 25 years old when she had a difficult pregnancy and her son suffered from intrauterine asphyxia upon conceiving. So delivering the child came up with a warning from doctors and experts about the kind of life they will be facing in case the baby is born. With that, Zou’s father and husband agreed to give up Ding Ding but Zou refused. She was determined to raise her little one despite her husbands persistent pleas and labels of her being a stubborn. Later on, their disagreements lead to broken marriage, as her husband divorced her.

Detemined Zou eventually delivered her son Ding Ding but unfortunately he was diagnosed with having a cerebral palsy. Despite the odd of having to raise her son alone carrying the extra baggage of his crucial condition, Zou never even at once say yes to quitting.

She was forced to handle several jobs, including one full-time teaching and several part-time jobs. But in spite of her busy schedules, the persevering mom did the best she can to help him catch up to other kids of his age.

As time went by, Ding Ding’s condition seem to go worse. His disabilities became more apparent. He couldn’t stand until he was two, walk until he was three or jump until he was six. He learned and developed in a slower pace.

So Zou exhaust all the means so he would overcome his disabilities as much as he can. She spent for his rehabilitation treatment, and even learned massage therapy so she could attend to his needs personally, tending care of his stiff muscle, a symptom of his disorder.

She taught him using chopsticks even though he found it really very difficult to master because she did not want him to explain his difficulty every time he went to eat as an adult.

She further doubled her efforts as she taught him to use pen despite his troubling hands and urged him to study hard.

“I didn’t want him to feel ashamed about this physical problems. Because he had inferior abilities in many years. It was quite strict on him to work hard to catch up where he had difficulties,” she said.

Flash forward, all went out that her efforts had been paid off well when Ding Ding was enrolled at Harvard’s Law school after having earned bachelor’s and master’s degree from Peking University. He spent two years working before finally entering school of law at Harvard’s School of Law.

”I never dared to dream of applying in Harvard,” he said. “I was my mother who never stopped encouraging me to give it a try. When I had any doubts, she would guide me forward.”

Indeed, success of a lifetime requires a great investment beforehand. In case of her, Zou started investing her time and effort the moment she was conceiving up to raising a child with a special condition. And bringing  him up to be as normal as other people is milestone of achievement knowing that she is a single mom. Their story is a mirror of inspiration hoped to be reflected in others who may have similar problems. May their tale inspires millions of readers out there.

Source: Mail Online