Mistress Stripped Naked And Beaten By Angry Wives After Sleeping With Their Husbands

This viral story of an allegedly ‘cheating’ mistress who was badly beaten and stripped naked by a number of Chinese wives is currently a hot and viral topic on the internet today.

According to the news report of The Sun UK, the said appalling viral video pictures an alleged mistress being ‘stripped’ and ‘badly beaten’ in the public for ‘sleeping’ with the angry women’s husbands”.

It is also mentioned that in the said viral video that a woman without a top on can be seen awfully sitting in the street while the woman stands around her. Loud shouting may be heard and the very angry Chinese wives unite in the road as the already heated arguments gets more and more brutal and aggressive.

It can also be seen in the video that when the alleged mistress who was sitting on the floor tries to pull her shirt back, one of the angry wives snatch it away from her. Another wife then seized her by her hair while she is being brutally slapped. The mob of angry wives then went on to smack the mistress around her head as they toughly talked to the alleged mistress. How unfortunate!

In the whole duration of the video, the victim just conceals her face in her hands crying while she is subjected to a bombardment of harsh verbal and physical abuse from the mob of the angry wives.

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