Man’s wife rushed to labor room to deliver their baby, nurse later informed him his “other” woman in labor room too

The medical profession is really a challenging job. You meet all kinds of people from all walks of life every single day and these people all have different stories to tell, some quite bizarre than others.

Just like this unusual experience of an on-call nurse at a certain hospital. So, what happened was an expecting mom named Katie went to the hospital to deliver her baby. During that time, her sister Corey was pregnant too but she is set to undergo C-section on a later date.

So, the loving sister that Corey is, she, together with her husband stayed by Katie’s side to take photos and videos of the amazing moment.

According to Goodtimes, when Katie went into labor an unexpected moment occured: Corey went into labor too. The obstetrician who was present made the decision to perform Corey’s C-section and while this process was taking place, Katie’s baby decided to make its initial appearance.

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In the moment, their other family members went frantic from one delivery room to the other with Corey’s husband filming every moment of this amazing moment.

The on-call nurse was really amazed with what she witnessed. She described the experience to the likeness of having twins with two separate people.

The cousins were named Indie and Ryatt and this hospital was the epicenter for the beginning of their lifelong relationship. Surely, an awesome relationship awaits them, it will be just like they were really sisters.

Check out the whole video recorded by Corey’s husband below: