Man Spent 36 Years Creating A Path Down Three Mountains So He Could Bring Water To His Village!

Water is life! A man could live for days without food but he cannot live even just one day without water. Whether we like it or not, we are obliged to intake water in order for the systems inside our body to work.

Some are blessed with the abundant supply of water while others work to their bones in order to find a water source that can cater to their needs.

This story is about a Chinese man named Chief Huang Dafa, the chief of the village of Caowangba which was located deep in the heart of the mountains of Guizhou.

Apparently, the village was having a lot of trouble with their water supply and they were being forced to ration. At first, they thought about moving the village someplace with a more abundant water source but that did not sit well with the villagers.

As the head of the village, Chief Dafa has to do something to resolve this problem, and this is what he did.

In 1959, the villagers decided to carve out the three mountains that were separating them from the nearest water supply. This project ran for 10 years, it was harder than they imagined and a new problem arose when they found out that the water from the water source wouldn’t flow properly to their village.

Despite this problem, Chief Dafa did not easily give up. He went to Fengxiang to study how to be an engineer. He studied hard, but it took him a long time to get back to his village but when he did, he started something revolutionary.

He went back to his village in the 90’s. The Chief then gathered the villagers to work again, but this time, he had a plan in mind. After a long work, they completed a 7,200-meter-long water canal in 1995!

This canal had a 2,200-meter-long branch channel and it was so efficient that it didn’t just give water to their village, it provides for 4 villages!

Because of all this, Chief Dafa’s village is now producing 400,000 kilograms of rice a year compared to only 25,000 kilograms before they established the canal.

The canal was named after Chief Dafa and it will forever be his legacy.