Man ignores advice to wait for 2 weeks before swimming with his new tattoo: DIES after catching a flesh-eating bug and developing sepsis

Tattoo is art and your body’s a canvass. With the influence of celebrities who almost paints every inch of their skin with tattoo, more and more people are also drawn to follow their lead.

One of those people is this unidentified 31-year-old man. But, unlike most people, this man is quite stubborn because he ignored the advice given to him by his tattoo artist to wait for two weeks before he can go swimming.

Instead, he decided to venture into the warm waters in the Gulf of Mexico just five days after obtaining a religious cross on his right calf.

Because his wound was still fresh, it became contaminated with a flesh-eating bacteria that tore chunks out of his skin, he then developed sepsis that ultimately led to his death.

Just one day after he went swimming, he developed a fever, felt chills and a red rash close to his tattoo.

Over the next two days, his condition continued to worsen and he was eventually admitted to a hospital.

Doctors discovered that the patches on his legs had turned purple – which can be seen in many infections.

They immediately suspected the vibrio vulnificus bug to be responsible because the man already suffered from cirrhosis, which was caused by the man’s habit of drinking six 340ml (12 fl oz) bottles of beer daily.

They also said that because of his weakened liver, he was deemed at high risk of catching such type of infection.

It is believed that patients with chronic liver disease have low amounts of neutrophils – important white blood cells that help to fight bugs.

Within just 24 hours of being admitted to hospital, doctors were forced to place him on a life support machine as his organs began to fail.

He battled to fight through the septic shock – triggered when an infection sparks a violent immune response in which the body attacks its own organs causing it to deteriorate.

After two weeks, his body succumbed to septic shock while he was still receiving care, causing his kidneys to fail completely.

He died two months after he was initially admitted to hospital.

Doctors said that all patients with chronic liver disease should be instructed to avoid possible methods of catching the bug.

Tattoo artists urge people to wait for at least two weeks before going swimming, but others ask to give the wound a little longer to heal.

Experts warn that submerging the open sores of skin in the water, whether it is from a pool, bath or seawater poses a threat of infection.