Man digs pond for 27 years to supply his community with enough water

The internet can really be a source of many incredible stories all across the globe. One of which is the story we are about to feature in this article and it is about a man who single-handedly digs a pond for 27 long years to fight the water shortage they have in their village.

This unbelievable story took place at a small village known as Saja Pahad in Chhattisgarh, India. The man started digging the said pond when he was just 15-years-old. Despite of the village having two wells, it still not enough to support the villagers need for water.

According to the villagers, Shyamlal Rajwade identified a spot in the forest in and kept digging

It is said that their government just ignored this fact, making the villagers beg for this problem to be solved. However, Shyamlal Rajwade took the matter in his own hands and find a way to help his people

Now at 42-years old, his fellow villagers praised him for working on the pond for many years and was even hailed as their local hero and savior

The pond is said to have measured one acre and 15 feet deep filled with water which many people can use safely.

Rajwade’s story reached mainstream and is now going viral in India and as a result, his work was recognized by the officials in Mahendragarh district. Sources claimed that the village also lacks proper road connection and electricity, but with Rajwade’s heroic story hitting big time, we hope it won’t take long for the village to be noticed.

SOURCE: EliteReaders