Man Who Attempts To Kill A Spider Using Lighter Sets Gas Station On Fire

What would you do if all of a sudden, something you’re afraid of appears in front of you? Let say for example, you have an arachnophobia or fear of spiders. Well, Not unless you are in an actual situation will you have an instant answer. But of course as human’s natural instinct,  you’d probably run away from, or at least get any weapon that may come in handy just to get rid of it, without having the consequences ahead of your thinking.

Tendency is, your involuntary senses came out of the rescue leaving  you’re common sense behind. This is what happened to the guy on the video, caught on the surveillance camera. He was filling up at a Mobil gas station in Center Line, Michigan when a spider showed off crawling near his tank. Initially, he stared closer to the tiny creature but lose out of control when he pulled a lighter out of his pocket and immediately lit it against the spider. As a result, a fire who supposed to ward the spider off led to burning the gas pump and his vehicle.

When taken side of the incident, gas station employee Susan Adams said:

“He didn’t have a cigarette. He didn’t have anything on him. All of a sudden I look out and I see flames. ”

Though it may seem ridiculous, it’s alarming as things could gotten even worse with the fire since he was on a gas station. Here’s the actual footage below:

Fortunately for everyone in the scene, no one was harmed of the fire as the mastermind finally regained her senses and grabbed a fire extinguisher and successfully put out the fire. The car was not gravely damaged too, good thing for him. And he has nothing to worry about paying damages on the gas station since they’ve got insurance coverage for his accident as well.

Life goes on for him as he continue to fill his tank with gas, going to another gas station, hopefully with greater amount of common sense this time.