Look! This Police Officer Kicks The ‘Balut’ These Vendors Were Selling Every Time He’s Drunk

Under the oath of ‘serving’ and ‘protecting’ the citizens and the country, policemen should always bear in mind that it is their top priority to ensure the rights, interests and welfare of the people whom they serve. But, in this viral video that is currently spreading in the country, it happens the other way around.

According to a news article by the Trending News Portal, these awful mother and child ‘balut’ vendors went to veteran and pro-mass journalist Raffy Tulfo in order to register a certain complaint about an ‘abusive’ policeman who kicked their goods, which are mainly the source of their living. It is also stated in the aforementioned report that the vendors named Annie and Esther Geneblazo claimed that the police officer was ‘drunk’ at the time of the abuse.

“May binatilyong umupo doon sa tabi namin, naglalaro ng cellphone. Eh nakita nila si Sir, bigla silang umalis,” Annie narrated to Mr. Tulfo. She added that the abusive police officer wasn’t wearing his uniform at the time but was accompanied by men in uniform.

She also narrated that the police’s real target were the teenage boys whom they spotted sitting near the sidewalk where they were selling their goods. When the officer who was ‘dressed as a civilian’ wasn’t able to apprehend their targets, he then turned his rage towards the two awful female vendors.

“Sinabi niya sa amin na wala raw kaming karapatang magtinda. Eh paano yung hanapbuhay namin? Yun lang po talaga yung hanapbuhay namin,” added Annie.

It is also stated in the news report that Annie then revealed the controversy that the said incident wasn’t the first time the policeman did the unlawful thing. The two explained that whenever Guimpatan (the police officer’s name) was under the influence of alcohol, he would always turn his rage to the awful balut vendors who are just striving hard to earn for their family. The policeman denied any complaints and allegations made against him by the balut vendors. He even stated that the reason why they were complaining about him is because he is ‘hardworking’ and is always doing his mandate and job.

Unfortunate for the ‘hardworking’ police officer, the awful balut vendors were able to present Tulfo a copy of the CCTV footage which manifested the truth that the abusive police officer has kicked their balut goods on the street. Out of extreme anger on what he has heard and saw, Tulfo swore that the abusive police officer will lose his job. He even asked help from PNP Gen. Oscar Albayalde to remove Guimpatan from his position and put a sanction on him on this kind of grave abuse of power.

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Posted by Raffy Tulfo in Action on Tuesday, May 23, 2017

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