Insane! These $1,800 Jeans Are Fashioned To Expose Your Entire Butt!

If  ripped clothing have blown you out of your wits, fasten your seat belt now with this most recent fashion trend. French clothing brand Vetements and a highly-established brand Levi’s have tied up to fashion this easy-to-show-off-booty Jeans which reported retail price is at $1, 800-$1, 870, beyond distressed.

These aren’t a typical denim pants as expected. It’s accentuated by a zipper that you can unzip to reveal not  just a peek, but your ENTIRE butt.

You got to be downright showy in this case! 🙂

The emphasis is definitely put on the booty because you can unzip them all the way bottom to top, front and back (uh, in case you need to loosen up?). Indeed it takes the concept of reaching to a whole new level! Super high.

“No historian could have seen this coming but it seems though we’ve officially entered the Great Jeans Apocalypse in the year 2017”, Lauren Alexis Fisher of Haper’s Bazaar wrote. She added that the Vehements X Levi’s has definitely entered “questionable territory. ”

In view of Zoë Weiner of Teen Vogue, this is “questionable-looking.” Nevertheless, she said that this booty-highlighting look could certainly be considered the most innovative.” She likewise pointed out: “plus worrying about splitting your pants will be a thing of the past.”

While the market production of these outlandish pants still not concluded, celebrities who are big fans of the brand are no less than fashion icons themselves–Kendal Jenner and Rhianna.

Apparently, the two giant brands highlight their spring collection through denim clothing with ultimately strategic zippers to unhide scene-stealing parts of your body.

What more could the fashion industry devise other than this mind-blowing creation?

Source: Elite Readers