If you are using this combination, better stop it now or else this might happen to you!

Due to their cheap and easy-to- prepare  characteristics, a lot of home-made health and beauty remedies are spreading anywhere, and are applied by interested users. Undeniably, there are quite many of them work effectively as testified by others who acquired successful changes.

Yes it’s true, but one sample remedy may work well to some and not to others, because each has different reactions to different types of people. Worse, if one certain remedy doesn’t suit the user so instead of  having the desired results, he might suffer from their adverse effects.

One common beauty formula that people are going crazy with, these days, is a mixture of Eskinol and “Dalacin C” also known as Clindamycin. The latter is a type of antibiotic that is proven to treat bacteria-related infection because of its strong properties. It is fast-acing as well.

While Eskinol is a commercial brand that promises to remove deep-seated dirt caused by bacteria, they are believed to be of compatible combination in fighting against bacterial infection in the skin, most especially on the face. This particularly works in ridding acne and pimples since both are partly caused by bacteria.

Many users claim this combination as effective agent they keep in spontaneous usage. However, a facebook user and a concerned netizen named Stef Villana shared her own views regarding the improper combination of Eskinol and Dalacin C. She pointed out that the two must not be combined since bacteria might resist to its antibiotic content. She added that the possible resistance of bacteria usually occurs when two drugs containing antibiotics are mixed. This is now where the adverse results come in.  If you’re curious of its harmful side effects, visit this link.

As a medical professional, she further advised readers to better consult medical help or doctor’s prescription before using Dalacin C or any other drugs.

Many netizens didn’t agree with Stef’s idea as they claim it works well in them, and the fact that they have been using the formula for a long time already, they are convinced of its effectiveness. While some seemed to be surprised by the claim.

Whether it is effective or not, it’s always safe to seek professional help. Better now, not later, cause later might be too late.