Horrifying moment: Sea Lion drags toddler by the clothes and pull her off the edge!

Sea lions are sea mammals having external ear flaps, short thick hair and a big chest and belly. They have this so called long fore flippers for them to use to swim and walk. Sea lions will use their hind flippers to steer and swim using their front flippers.

If you happen to see a sea lion, you would really enjoy how it swims in the water and see its different playful movements and tricks, especially those trained and well-taken cared ones.


However, the playful scenes of the girl gaily teasing the cute creature  turned into an accident when the sea lion she was fondly watching into suddenly snatched her by the clothes and pull her down the water.

The girl and her family were happily and laughingly watching the sea lion when suddenly, the sea lion jumps up towards the girl who was just sitting on the edge of the pier.

On the video, their laughs can still be heard not knowing what will happen next. But suddenly, it dragged the girl into the water. So, the parent of the girl immediately swam after, just to save the girl.

It is not bad to be near with this creature but let us always be careful in doing so, for we may not know the harm they could bring.

Good that there’s an immediate rescuer, but if it happened otherwise, the girl could have been bruised or worse be drowned.

Remember that all creatures no matter how tamed, when provoked may cause danger especially that it’s their natural mechanism.

Watch the full video here.