Here’s how to tell whether you’re in a MATURE or IMMATURE relationship–Must read!

Couples nowadays are being stuck in a manner of wilderness–chained by lack of ‘understanding’ of each other and ‘choked’ by too much possessiveness on both sides. However, this article had helped couples to once again assess the state of their relationships: are they of mature or immature relationship?

The said viral post was posted online and popularized by the Truth Slap FB Page. As of this writing, the said post has already garnered 35K likes ang 17K shares online by netizens who were greatly moved.

Here is the truth about the ‘maturity’ of relationships. Read and be enlightened:

“Here’s the difference of mature and immature relationship. Mature relationships understand space; immature relationships get too clingy. Most mature couples know that they each have their own lives to live and that they shouldn’t make their partners the center of their attention all the time. They know how to enjoy life on their own, with their friends, or with their family. Staying in contact with your significant other 24/7 can actually strain your relationship and even lead to bigger arguments in the future.

Immature relationships go with the flow; mature relationships call each other out when needed. Instead of agreeing with your guy on everything, you correct him when he says or does something wrong. You have your own voice and perspective in life. When you’re in a healthy relationship, you respect the fact that both of you are two different people with different opinions in life.

Mature relationships encourage you to grow; immature relationships force you to change. Change is constant. You will never be the same person you were when you first started going out with your man. However, it’s one thing to change naturally and another to force one to change who they really are just to meet the other’s wants and needs.”

Ana C. Pascual

What Ms. Ana Pascual has argued was mainly about how couples should value each other’s space and time. In Finland, people there are very keen when it comes to ‘respecting’ their own ‘private’ or ‘personal’ spaces, even if it is between couples and lovers. It is definitely the key to the growth of the individuals inside relationships–they are not easily burdened or strained by being together all the time. They are still ‘free’ to be with their families and friends, focus on their careers and reach their full potentials. In the end, relationships must be based on the basics of good society and healthy connections among people… and it all starts with the word ‘respect’.

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