Here’s How To Detect Negative Energies At Home Using Only A Glass Of Water

Over the years, numerous techniques in detecting negative energies at home have been developed. From the simple up to the complicated ones, people came to the conclusion that it is important to uncover these negative energies in order to maintain harmony in the house and the members of the family.

In the place we live, we also inhabit our energies. Our feelings, emotions and thoughts not only emanate certain type of energy, but also attract. Negative energies can be present in our homes, that is why being able to detect them is of utmost importance.

The economy will begin to fluctuate, luck will no longer be on the side of the family and the relationships between household members are tightened are just a few of the effects that this negative energy may bring.

We can also detect this strange negative energy by observing the things around us, such as the behavior of animals, if they are more anxious, restless and possibly cry for no apparent reason something may be wrong. Even the plants around our homes can also exhibit symptoms such as wilting, the appliances we use can break down and there may be places of the house where you no longer feel at ease.

We may possibly not notice all these symptoms at once, so it is essential to have other mechanisms to detect negative energies. So here it goes:

How to detect negative energies with a glass of water.

  1. Get a completely transparent glass. It should not have drawings, color, and cut. Also, keep in mind you cannot use it again.
  2. Fill 1/3 of the container with salt sea.
  3. Cover another 1/3 of the container with white vinegar.
  4. The remaining third will be pure water.
  5. Bring the glass to a room of the house where you think the bad vibes are more powerful. It can be a place where you receive visits or where all the family members get together.
  6. Put it in a hidden corner and leave it there for 24 hours. It is important that no one should move the glass in the duration of the 24 hours.
  7. The next day, try to observe the state of the glass.
  • If it looks the same as when you left it, then the bad vibes is not coming from that room. Try to move the glass to another room and repeat the procedure.
  • If you notice that the glass is gasified, contains smudged colors or dyed green, then you will need to do something. Any strange thing happens to the container may be due to energy problems. In this case, empty the contents of the glass strip to the toilet and let the water flow. Wash the container well, add the ingredients again and repeat the procedure in the same room for 24 hours. Do it as many times as necessary.