Heartbroken man marries corpse of pregnant girlfriend who died in an accident

A heartbroken man from Taiwan fulfilled her promise to marry his pregnant girlfriend who died in a road accident.

A 30-year-old, Tsai Shangzhen, marry her late girlfriend Chen Yichi, 24, who died in a road accident on August according to Taiwan media. The couple has been together for 5 years and pregnant for 5 months. According to Mr.Tsai, they have arranged and set the date for their engagement next month.

At the funeral, Mr.Tsai arranged a wedding ceremony, put a bridal veil and a wedding ring to his late partner on September 5. The ceremony was flooded with deep loss and tears. According to Taiwan-based Apple Daily, Mr.Tsai, a truck driver, wanted to fulfill his long awaited dream wedding with Ms.Chen, even she passed away.

Ms.Chen, a nurse, was involved in a road accident while she drove home with her motorbike. She is 5 months pregnant.

Reports from Apple Daily Taiwan said that the funeral took place on September 6 in Changhua county, near Taichung city.

After the emotional ceremony, Mr. Tsai was interviewed and said that he and his girlfriend had planned to have their engagement ceremony next month, as posted on Mr.Tsai Facebook page.

The ceremony was televised all over Taiwan through various media outlets.

Some footage shows that Mr.Tsai decorated the mourning hall with pink heart-shaped balloons and their pre-wedding photos. Families and friends of the couple showed mixed emotions in the ceremony. To complete the ceremony, Mr.Tsai put a wedding ring onto Ms. Chen’s hand.

In an interview, Mr.Tsai recall the day of the accident and said: “‘I called [her] a few times and she didn’t pick up the phone. She had never been like this before. Then I ran out and found her crashed scooter.”

The paramedic said that the cause of her death is the cracks on her skull that lost her consciousness. Ms. Chen died with her unborn child.

Everyone was moved by the ceremony and pictures on social media continue to appear. Mr.Tsai said that he considered that ceremony as an act of honor to his late girlfriend.

Source: Daily Mail UK