This is what happens to the victims of bullying–apples are perfect analogy!

Teachers, with no doubt, are one of the most influential people on the children’s learning and thinking. They are being remembered by learners all throughout their lives–mostly the ‘best’ ones and also on the other side, the worst teachers that they met in the classrooms.

This viral video was posted by Hefty FB Page narrated how an indeed amazing teacher has utilized ‘apples’ in order to teach her students the situation of someone who is being bullied is going trendy online. Netizens were inspired by the said video, mainly on how the teachers integrate this social issue in a very simple manner.

The Progressive Teacher, a monthly resource magazine to empower school educators, stated in their online article entitled, “Teachers! How Influential Are You?” some clear points on the influence of teachers, being the masters of their own flocks:

“The fact is that in the life of a student every teacher has a surprisingly high amount of influence. Students spend the major part of their waking hours at school, building their career or life continuously with interactions, experiences and perceptions, and in these teachers play a pivotal role, certainly of influencing them to an extent. Teachers have great power to make a difference in the learning and the life of a student. You can make a world of difference at school level by working with your colleagues and administration. And you can make an obvious difference in your classroom by your choice of teaching strategies. Ultimately, you can influence whether your students view themselves as learners, and perceive whether you expect them to succeed. The power to motivate, inspire, and support students is yours on a daily basis!”

The video has definitely shown how influential a teacher could be. A teacher should not only transfer ideas and knowledge to his/her students, but should motivate them to do what is right and be a role model for others. Most especially on major issues like teasing, physical fights and/or bullying.

In a comparative manner, the teacher explained the relationship of the apple to kids who are being bullied

The teacher now integrated a simple yet ‘analytical’ example to the children

In case of the bullies, their acts of humiliating their subjects, regardless of the gravity of how they instituted the acts all boils down to hurting the victims, leaving him or her damaged either physically or emotionally. Thus,the effects of bullying may not be at all times tangible but it surely can break the victim’s life and future.

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Let us save the world from the gruesome effects of bullying. At the same time, let’s save our helpless children who are the very subjects of this ‘social evil.’ Spread awareness by sharing it to others.