They fly their plane right into the center of the hurricane, look what they found inside

When there’s a broadcast of a coming hurricane, whether with in our country’s premise or distant, we feel dreadful. How much more if we are in the affected vicinity or in the “EYE”?

US NAvy Ship is out in the Atlantic and reports that Hurricane Emily is already generating big seas and powerful winds. With no weather stations at sea, there’s only one way to find out what Emily is going to do, fly out and meet the storm.

That’s the job of the team of scientists, headed by Dr. Frank Marks.


“I’ve flown through Hurricane’s eyes about 300 times but everyone is different. You’ll never know what you’re gonna find”, said Dr. Frank Marks.

Emily is about 36-hours from the North American Coast and there are critical questions to answer,
Where is the storm going and how strong will it be when it gets there?

The mission of the team is to fly right into the center of the hurricane or “The Eye” and to get into it, they need to fly into the hurricane’s eye wall which is the most violent part.

Once the plane is at the right altitude, they strap everything down and get ready to punch into the storm.

“Secure all equipment. This one looks strong”, said by the Pilot.

“No matter how many times you do this, you always get a knot in your stomach just before you fly into the hurricane wall.” said by the narrator.

“After being tossed around by a 120 mile an hour winds, the moment you break in the eye is just incredible, it’s just so peaceful.”

After being in a life-threatening situation, they turned 180 degrees and see a new eye wall forming.  “And eye this perfectly shaped is a real thing of beauty but also means Emily is definitely strengthening.” — said by the narrator.

The instruments they use tells how fast the winds are circulating around the eye but the Hurricane center can’t determine where the storm is headed until they’ve pinpointed its center.

Watch the thrilling yet beautiful scenic view of Hurricane’s eye.

The Hurricane’s eye looks frightening as it looks perfectly beautiful at the same.