Family digs up buried child, changed her diaper after she “urinated” three times

In Ilagan City, Isabela, people are now talking about a mysterious event that happened in their city.

This mysterious occurrence concerns the somehow, ‘rising from the dead’ of a four-year-old child. Her name is Jenny Rose Jacinto.

According to Jenny’s father, Jimmy Jacinto, Jenny suffered from a high fever last Monday, August 28, 2017. The following day, Jenny’s fever went down after she took medications. On the night of the same day, her fever came back and she was also trembling. That is why Jimmy rushed his child to Isabela Provincial Hospital.

The child was declared dead last Wednesday, August 30, 2017 and was buried in their local cemetery last September 1, 2017, Friday.

To their surprise, one of their relatives named Gemma Jacinto De Villa came and said that an ‘albularyo’ said to her that Jenny is not dead.

This urged Jenny’s parents to go back to the cemetery, dug up her grave, and take her out of her coffin to see if there is truth to what their relative said.

When they opened the coffin, they were shocked to find out that the child’s body is still tender and no sign of decomposition can be seen.

Currently, her family is on guard as to what will happen in the coming days.

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Meanwhile, the family and other relatives said that Jenny already urinated three times and excreted that is why they changed her diaper. They also let the child drink by letting water drop into her mouth.

Jenny’s parents, Jimmy Jacinto, 47 years old and Gina Jacinto, 43years old, both residents of Canapi, San Ignacio, Ilagan City, Isabela believes that what happened to their child is a miracle!

Source:  RMN News