Experts Reveal Vinegar Is An Effective Agent in Removing Stains Better Than Any Detergent. See How It works!

Doing the laundry especially with your bare hands is hard.What makes it even harder are the stubborn stains in the clothes than seem to never go away no matter how strong you scratch or brush it, even the  washing machine loses its power over this unwanted  stains.

However, the big surprise comes in knowing that there’s actually a special washing solution  in cleaning your wardrobe, stain-free! Using a natural formula, it’s rather plain and simple. All you need to secure is the vinegar which will be your main secret ingredient.

White vinegar is found in almost all our households. It is usually used as the base ingredient in cooking. Besides its being useful in the kitchen, vinegar is also the best solution to your stain-problem. At least, worth the try. This will remove all kinds of stains in all types of fabric effectively, working like magic!


To start the trick, you need to prepare a mixture of warm water and 1/2 glass of vinegar. Then soak your clothes in the mixture and leave it overnight. The next morning, as usual, do the washing and see your clothes getting rid of the stain. Besides, the vinegar will soften your clothes just as the commercial softeners you used to buy in markets. Thanks to the acid it contains, vinegar works better than any detergent.

This could also work if you are into washing machine. However instead of soaking your clothes in the mixture of vinegar and water, add the liquid in the washing machine, as you do in softener for similar result.