Ever Wondered What That Little Hole Next To Your iPhone Camera Is For? Find Out Here.

Hooray Millenials! From the “newest releases” to the “to be released soon” gadgets, we all know you are all aware of its advantages and new additions versus the older version. I even bet that you already know when it will be up for grabs in the market. Right?

But, do you all know what each and every single part of your gadget is for?

Just like the mysterious hole next to the back camera on your iPhone. Ever noticed it?

Image result for black hole at the back of iphone 5 back view

Probably, you may have thought it was a reset button, light sensor or a mini camera to accompany the bigger lens.

Alternately, you may have no idea what its purpose really is and instead of trying to work out what role they play, you just accept that they are there and carry on living your life and using your phone.

Apple HQ have just provided us with the answer.


Yes, it’s another microphone but, its not just any ordinary microphone.

It presents a new angle for the phone to receive audio – handy for when you are taking videos, Snapchats or using Siri – plus it helps to block out unnecessary noise.


It works together with the two other microphones found on your iphone (the one at the front and the one at the bottom) to step up your device’s audio.

Watch the video below to hear Phil Schiller, the senior vice president of worldwide marketing at Apple Incorporated, explain the ins and outs of how the iPhone 5’s enhanced audio system really works.

In its continuous venture to provide its consumers with a better version of iphones to cater to their needs, they made this back microphone to ensure that your conversations are as crystal clear as possible.