Warning!This is the result of drinking alcohol everyday.

At first glance, one would think she is a pregnant due to her protruding tummy that appears to be like a baby bump ready to pop. Fellow passengers would offer their seats on her whenever she rides a bus considering that she is really pregnant, sometimes asking her when her due is.

However, Jo, was not pregnant at any case. It was actually due to the dreadful effects of her addiction to alcohol. Since she has been working on a bar for a couple of years, Jo became dependent to the things she was accustomed to serving and minding everyday that’s just present anytime in her working days. She eventually showed signs of dependence to alcohol that grew worse over the course of five years to the extent that it’s no big deal to for her to consume not lesser than three bottles of wine every day.

Her malpractice of excessive drinking  of such beverage severely damaged her liver that she was lately diagnosed to have been stricken by cirrhosis–cirrhosis of the liver whereas the healthy tissues were replaced by scar tissues. Nutrients that would otherwise be processed by the liver built up in her abdomen.

As a result, Jo developed fluid retention that made her look like a pregnant woman with obviously huge belly. She has to endure every three week-visit to hospital in order to get the fluid drained and has to suffer the painful healing procedure which involves insertion of needle and catheter into her body.

Her condition led to a permanent liver damage and she has to continue her hospital visits as medical care requires her to. The fluid retention was so uncomfortable that she struggled walking and dressing up.

Jo’s case may not be frequent and common as many alcohol drinkers do not yet experience the same suffering but  her story may serve as  reminder that too much consumption of such kind of beverages may result to severe health damage leaving the victim suffer its grave effects.

And though this may have happened long before, its issue is still relevant and timely up to this day as alcohol abuse continue to rise.

May this will reach out other readers so that alcohol abuse may be avoided if not stopped as early as possible and that no more similar experience could be reported again.

Source: Little Things