Desperate daughter had intercourse with his father so he would not marry his fiancee

A woman was accused of incest reportedly offered sex to his father because she did not want him to marry his fiancee.

As reported in the South China Morning Post, the incidents came at a time when her father who is a Chinese medical practitioner was about to marry his fiancee. The plan of her father tying the knot to another woman led to the desperation of the daughter who according to the report has been deprived of her mother’s love.

“She offered to have sex, hoping that he would change his mind.”

Before this happened, the two had already intimate encounters when the daughter was 19 years old but has came to light when the brother who was then a secondary school student alerted the police after he found the footage of the pair having the intercourse.

And the current case arose from the daughter’s “misplaced infatuation and devotion to her father.”

The two whose identity is kept confidential by the initials, C.C.M, 26 (daughter) and C.P.K, 58 (father) was pleaded guilty for two counts of incest.

The daughter’s lawyer urged the court to distinguish the case from those involving parents and underage children as “this case was unusual.” before the case was brought to the court, the woman once tried to tell the prosecutors to hold her fully responsible so that her father could be freed from the crime.

“That shows the extent of devotion and infatuation the defendant had for her father.”

“it serves no purpose to society to lock her up and punish her.”

The lawyer also appealed to the judge to take into account the devotion the daughter had for her father while assuring that the chance of doing the same offense would be low.

It is further learned that the brother, who had since suffered depression took the matter to the police because he had no idea his sister consented to the incidents.

The co-defendants await sentencing on June 12.