Dad gets his hair done at a salon, 3 days after he is fighting for his life in ICU

Who would have thought that after washing and have a haircut at the salon, it will lead you to the ICU? Dave Tyler fights his life in the ICU after having a salon service 6 years ago.

Dave Tyler, a Dad of two, went to a hairdresser to wash and cut his hair. But a between life and death situation followed after 3 days. A 45-year old Dave was rushed by ambulance to a local hospital and confined at the ICU when he lost sensation on the right side of his body and collapsed while heading to a meeting. He was shocked when he heard that he suffered a stroke.

After that tragic incident, Dave has a hard time to find balance and can no longer drive.  Since then, he still suffers and fights several complications and medical conditions to stay alive.

The story started at the hair salon when Dave bent his head backward for hair wash that caused a blood clot in his head. This is a common procedure everyone knows when they have their hair wash at the salon but little did we know, it can cause vein injury that results in a blood clot that turns into a stroke.

Because of Dave’s near-death experience, his story made headlines in native England that warns everybody and at least spare them from this experience. This warning spread widely and been shared by thousands. Dave brought the hairdresser to court and received almost $113,000 damage from the company.

According to the British newspaper, Dave said to be the only one that has this experience which is called “Beauty Salon Stroke Syndrome” since 1993. Earlier this year, another British woman suffered the same experience.

The most common shampooing position used at salons is with the neck tipped far back over the edge of a sink. According to studies, it will reduce the blood supply to the brain which commonly triggers stroke to the elderly. Doctors recommended not to tilt heads back more than 15 degrees, particularly those who have complications on their blood circulation to the brain and problems with arthritis in their neck.

“To prevent some fatal accidents like this”, Dave said, “Use soft pillows and towels.”

“Salons need to make sure cushions are available. Those customers are offered them and that staff knows about the syndrome.” Dave added.

Prevention is better than cure. If you feel discomfort during a shampoo at the salon, don’t hesitate to complain. Together, let’s prevent this fatal incident to happen again.

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Source: Newsner