These controversies behind Disney Princesses reveal the hidden meanings of fairy tales which everyone has to be aware of!

Most of us have been raised in households watching and enjoying Disney movies–even boys are said to be ‘exposed’ in these kinds of ‘Fairy-tales’ and some sort of ‘girly’ type movies and TV series. But, in a recently viral video which scattered on social media platforms, discussions and debates arise on the real issue regarding the validity of being ‘role models’ of these characters.

According to Joseph Manduke IV in his piece entitled, Feminism and the Disney Princesses:

“One of the most iconic concepts from the Disney Corporation is the “Disney princess.” He also firmly stated that from a marketing standpoint, in can be argued the primary demographic focus of the company has been aimed young girls since its inception. There have been exceptions to this of course, especially in recent decades. Still, many of the films associated with the company have young female leads. Since many films were based on classical fairy tales or myths, these women were traditionally the generally accepted view of a princess. They were usually women who found themselves in trouble and were rescued by a man at some point. Essentially, they were beautiful damsels in distress and not much else.”

He also claimed that Disney company has continued with female characters who are typically better written as supposedly ‘role models’ and as characters in general. The most recent examples can be seen in The Princess and the Frog as well as the greatest hit ‘Frozen’. These movies catered the idea that women go against the stereotype of the Disney princess in a number of ways. The company has truly had some controversies with producing well rounded female characters. Apparently, over the decades, Disney has displayed great waves of upgrade. It could be claimed that they have provided their audiences with some of the best female characters in animation and perhaps all of film history. There are still some improvements to be made for its stability, but Disney has proven several times that they are hardly becoming ‘anti-feminist’ in their political agendas.

In connection with the said viral video, it radically ‘opens’ our eyes in the real scores of these movies and TV series, primarily on its subliminal effects on the children’s views and perspectives on the world. It also indirectly influences the kid’s opinions and thoughts on relationships, love, and other mature things that are still too early to discuss with them.

Here’s the controversies behind Disney Princesses:

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