This girlfriend’s confession about her ‘ugly boyfriend’ will make you love your partner more

This viral confession made by a netizen regarding her life choosing to be with her so-called ‘ugly’ boyfriend is currently making its rounds on the social media.

The said viral post was popularized by University Secret Files, and as of this posting, it has already garnered 37K reactions, 5K comments and 4K shares! Netizens who have read this short but ‘very inspiring’ post claimed that the said confession has somewhat ‘changed’ their perspectives in life and love.

This is the viral confession post made by a netizen who hid under the name of ‘Ella’. This is quite lengthy but is really worth reading:

“My Ugly Boyfriend”

I just want to share this. I have a boyfriend and we’re already three (3) years in our relationship. And yes, what you’ve read in the title was clear, he is not a ‘hot’ and a ‘handsome’ guy. I won’t describe his physical appearance because he could’ve read this and became angry at me. So, to sum it up, my boyfriend is ‘ugly’. Every day he is asking me if why among all of my admirers and suitors, he was the one that I chose to be with. He said that most of them are ‘good looking’ guys if compared to him. He is really contemplated in the idea that he is not ‘gifted’ with good looks. But do you know what guys, every time he is asking me that kind of question, I am being hurt. I am being badly hurt because he is downing himself. He is degrading his physical appearance and most of the time, comparing himself to other people. He doesn’t have any level of self confidence. So every day, I am letting him feel and realize that I do love him so much, that he doesn’t have to be good looking, ‘hot’ or scented by costly perfumes so that there will be someone to love him. So for all the guys and girls out there who have partners, please don’t always degrade your other half even if it is just ‘normal’ for you to tease and play with each other. They still have lots of insecurities, maybe you are fully aware or he/she is just being silent about it but do trust me. Don’t let any second that they will feel that there should be anything that they needed to be jealous of. Love them wholeheartedly and make them feel that they’re the prettiest girl or the most handsome man in the world. 🙂

P.S. For you my love, I chose to be with you and not with those other guys because for me, you are the ‘Adonis’ of my life. 🙂 You are very handsome and that’s what I am seeing. I love you to the moon and back. 🙂


Many netizens have commented their ideas and thoughts on the said viral confession post. Most of them strongly supported the views of the confession sender, stating that not all the people ‘wanted’ to have those ‘good looking’ guys/girls in their lives. They even said that when people fell in love, good looks are just a bonus.

We will always fall with the ‘character’ and the ‘feeling’ of being with someone we chose to be with. No matter how ‘imperfect’ they seemed to be, they will always be perfect for us. In the end, it is a matter of ‘who they are’ and not want we ‘want them to be’.

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