BEWARE! Boy sleeps with earphone on, plugged into mobile phone and power bank found dead

This news of a teenage boy, who accordingly ‘fell asleep’ with his earphones on, which was inserted into his smartphone that was ‘still’ charging, was found dead just on the day of May 26, 2017 is currently a hot trend topic on the internet. The awful boy’s mother found her son lying lifeless already in his bedroom in Taman Merbok, Bukit Baru, Malaysia.

According to the news report of New Straits Times, the State Criminal Investigation Department chief Kamaluddin Kassim stated that the boy’s 48-year-old mother, who is also a nurse, had gone to wake him up at 7am on the abovementioned date.

“As she did not get any response from her son, the mother used a spare key to unlock her son’s bedroom door. She found him lying motionless on the bed. The victim had both earphones on and the earphones were connected to a mobile phone, which was plugged to a power bank,” said by Mr. Kassim.

The mother reportedly tried to wake her son up but he was not responding. She then filed a report at the Bukit Baru police station at 8:10 am on Friday. The victim was identified as Syamirul Armizie Adenan. Mr. Kassim added that there were burn marks on the boy’s left shoulder where the power bank was said to be placed. It is still undetermined if the power bank had exploded.

The Investigation Department chief has also stated that the body has been transferred to the Melaka Hospital for a post-mortem and the case is determined as sudden death. The boy was the second of four siblings and he was residing with his mother in their home. He was last seen entering his bedroom on the night before the tragedy happened.

Indeed, the massive technological advancements made our lives easier and better. But, always remember the fact that we must also be careful in dealing with these things. Be reminded that accidents could happen, the least we expect these.