Actress Vivian Velez slams Jim Paredez: “How can he talk about killing the innocent when her mother has blood on her hands!”

This viral news article about how the well-known actress Vivian Velez who lambasted Mr. Jim Paredes is now a very controversial topic in the Philippine politics.

According to the report of Trending News Portal, the said actress named Vivian Velez has not been in the limelight until she strongly criticized artist Jim Paredes when she posted something about the controversial ‘Light A Fire Movement’.

It is also mentioned in the said report that the Light A Fire Movement is “a violent movement during and the Marcos regime’s dictatorship, whom Ester Jimenez, mother of Jim Paredes, was a part of.”

This is the controversial statement made by the said actress:

“Meron hugot kasi… Jim keeps harping about the EJK or the people who died from drugs when his own mother was very much part of the LIGHT A FIRE MOVEMENT along w/ Steve Psinakis.”

It is stated that ‘Freedom Fighter’ Steven Psinakis is notorious for his struggles against the late strongman Ferdinand Marcos. He was a Greek-born American who led the San Francisco council of the Ninoy Aquino Movement (NAM) and was previously cited for “his commitment in the struggle to restore democracy in his adopted country (Philippines).”

Psinakis had close ties with former Senator Benigno “Ninoy” Aquino Jr., an anti-Marcos opposition leader who was assassinated on August 21, 1983.

Going back, Ms. Velez also claimed that Jim’s mother was ‘pardoned’ for playing a key role in the Light A Fire Movement by Cory Aquino when she took office as the country’s president. The report also stated that the movement believed that ‘violence’ was the answer against the abuses done during the reign of Martial Law.

It also allegedly stated that the group did “several bombings” in the city of Manila and was trained in the United States. The actress also added this statement that made her more controversial:

“They were responsible for bombing different establishments here including the old Philippine Plaza where innocent people died. This was where Nonoy Zuñiga lost his leg. So how can he (Mr. Paredes) talk about killing the innocent when his own mother has blood on her hands!”

The actress was ‘surprised’ that Mr. Paredes had toughly talked about the ‘extra-judicial killings’ and the people victimized by drug-related killings when it is ironic that his own mother was involved in a controversial movement in the past.

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