27-year-old Mother Was Paralyzed After Using Her Bestfriend’s Make-Up

Who could ever thought that using a single brush of make up can leave you paralyze for the rest of your life? This may sound crazy to a lot of you readers, but this thing indeed happened to a 27-year old woman after she used her bestfriend’s make up brush on a single pimple and caught a serious infection that changed her life forever.

Jo Gilchrist is a mother of one from Warwick, Australia was left struggling in pain when a staph infection took over body and unfortunately affected her spine on the process.

According to Gilchrist, the pain started with a tiny pimple on her back and that the feeling she felt was due to bad posture. She also stated that it became more painful by Valentine’s Day of this year and pain relievers aren’t helping her relieve the pain, even thinking as far as she is going to die.

It took a while before doctors were able to provide a diagnosis and her body is slowly getting numb every passing day, until she was permanently paralyzed from the waist down. Doctors even told her that they have to put her on an induced coma if she begins to lose sensation on both her arms and chest.

Later, she was diagnosed of being contracted with Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA) commonly known as staph, a bacteria that get into the body through skin or sores, resulting in redness, pimples, swelling, tenderness or boils. This was due to the make-up brushed she borrowed from her friend which was unknowingly contaminated with the said bacteria.

She has flew all the way to Brisbane’s Princess Alexandra Hospital and has stayed there ever since and doctors are still desperately trying to rid her body of the bacteria.

Good news is that doctors still are administering high strength antibiotics to help her body get rid of the said infection and extend her stay to the hospital for another three months before she will be cleared to return home. She is currently being taught how to adapt to life in a wheelchair so she can live independently and care for her two-year-old son named Tommy.

SOURCE: DailyMail