16-year-old girl removed from grave and raped the night after her burial

Despite the authority’s resolute battle against drugs in pursuit to minimize crime rates, our country still unceasingly faces gross killings and rape cases every day. Reports and news seemed can not surface without a piece of it coming from hideous crimes such as rape and murder.

Just recently, a horrifying news broke the residents of Mexico, Pampanga after the remains of 16-year-old girl was dug up from her grave and raped by unknown suspects, the night after her burial.

The young victim was said to have died due to a certain illness, and was not buried right away but five days after her death, though the reason why was not mentioned.

Consequently, the night after her burial, she was allegedly hauled out of the grave. These sick suspects were claimed to have sexually assaulted the young lady’s corpse on a place not far from her burial ground. Worse, the woman’s legs was cut off ┬áby the rapists themselves so it could spread wide open and push forth their evil purpose.

Pictures show a coffin being intentionally broke open and a woman lying on the ground roughly covered with dirtied white cloth.

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These photos of the heartbreaking news circulate on social media which ignite the hearts of readers upon seeing the situation.

This is indeed inhumane, and no one could for sure stomach what these rapists have done. well, such case is just one among those many who cry for justice but how much evil do we still need to witness before our society will be freed from such a hideous crime?

Photos courtesy of Cecil Gomez