12-year-old girl got married to a 65-year-old man! The crowd’s reactions are mind-blowing!

Child-marriage has been a sort of ‘legal’ thing in some of the countries in the world. It is widely accepted in countries like Angola, Uruguay, Belarus, Belize, Iraq, Jamaica, and even in some parts of the USA. But, we all know that this kind of situation deprives them of their basic rights like education, play, and other example of recreations. They are being ‘pushed’ into sexual activities and even child labor.

According to the report of Trending News Portal, Youtube is now becoming a good platform for social and political awareness among people in different parts of the world. The said viral post was uploaded by YouTuber Coby Persin. They did a social experiment in which they tried to make it look like that an awful 12-year-old girl was being married to a 65-year-old. What a controversy, right?

To attract the public’s interest, they directed the young girl to look down really sad while wearing a ‘wedding gown’.

The more surprisingly amazing is that the people who happened to be there started to act their curiosity out and took action.

The people have engaged the said man and told him that it was ‘illegal’ and what he was doing is very wrong. One of the people even took the girl’s hand and claimed that he will bring the girl to the authorities. The old “groom” was then instructed to say that he is not doing anything ‘illegal’ and ‘wrong’ because he has the approval of the awful child’s parents.

“I don’t care, she’s underage, you can’t be doing this,” stated by one of those who reacted in the said experiment.

The said video ended with this powerful and strong message:

“Every day 33,000 girls are married as children, denied their rights to education and opportunity, and robbed of their childhood.

“No child should have to go through this.”

Here is the full video:

We must always bear in mind that our future belongs to the current generation. Our hope is in the hands of our children. They must not be deprived to reach their full potentials and grow holistically, achieve education and decide whom they want to spend the rest of their lives with.

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